THE GUN.: "God is Great!" (A Primer on the Libyan Rebels' BM-21s)


On the road north and east of Brega, Libya, rebels cheer — “Allahu Akhbar!” — as a jury-rigged, four-tube GRAD rocket launcher fires this afternoon toward suspected positions of military forces loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi.

Look at the smoke and dust signature the GRADs make. After…

Why I Hate Android


Why do I hate Android? It’s definitely one of the questions I get asked most often these days. And most of those that don’t ask probably assume it’s because I’m an iPhone guy. People see negative take after negative take about the operating system and label me as “unreasonable” or “biased” or worse.

I should probably explain.

Believe it or not, I actually don’t hate Android. That is to say, I don’t hate the concept of Android — in fact, at one point, I loved it. What I hate is what Android has become. And more specifically, what Google has done with Android.

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On The Cutting Edge of Yesterday: Everything's About to Change


We can no longer continue this radio silence. After months of trying to keep info off the internets, I’m just bursting to announce that Marco and I are going to be parents!

I’m pregnant!

That feels so great to say out loud. I’ve been carefully not posting much of anything, worried that I would…

Filmmakers Tips! (by Filmmaker Spotlight David Seger)



Take your lens cap off!

Hit the record button!

Always remember to “F-Stop”

Marry a good cook!

Acting is an artform, not a science.

Eat a small lunch.

Only work with animals or children if it’s reaaaally funny.

If you lose your tripod plate, just give up and go to med school.

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